How to register for the group training

1. On arrival to the sports club, present your membership card at the reception. PLEASE NOTE! We are currently replacing old membership cards with new ones. The new card allows you to enter the club and opens your locker 
2. With the new card, you can enter the sports club without having to go through the receptionist desk
3. We recommend signing up to a training class on our website in the section Timetable
4. When leaving the sports club, place the new club card on the reader on top of the receptionist desk and the turnstile will open automatically. If you have a wristband, put it into the wristband collector by the receptionist desk and the turnstile will open automatically

Important changes regarding attending group classes: 

1. You can book a training class online by using the e-mail address you have given to the Club upon registration, and a password. You will receive the first password from the receptionists. There is no need to notify the Club of any subsequent password changes as they will be stored in the system automatically. Correct names of the training classes are displayed if the English language is selected in the system
2. Two bookings can be made per day
3. Three active bookings can be made per week at a time. After a visit, the next booking can be made
4. Training classes can be joined until the beginning of the class. Late entries are not allowed
5. Booked training classes can be cancelled online up to an hour before the class begins. On-site cancellations can be made up to 5 minutes before the class begins
6. If you do not attend and do not cancel bookings for five times within two weeks, a two-week booking ban will be applied, and any bookings already made will be cancelled

PLEASE NOTE! A valid package is required to make a booking online. If the package has expired / has not been purchased yet, bookings can be made by calling 6288120

The team at the sports club is ready to assist you in any way to help you understand and master the new system.